Reliable Long Term Solutions For Your Manufacturing Needs

Frank Tesolin

Metro North's CEO offers his expertise with a long standing career in the manufacturing industry. His vast array of industry connections and broad range of skill-sets help guide Metro North's path into the future of Canadian manufacturing. His drive allows Metro North's team to excel in an extremely competitive marketplace alongside other industry leaders.

Plastic Injection Molding

Metro North's specialty is in the plastic injection molding industry. A vast array of components from mold, machine, and infrastructure related areas of the industry is common place at for our machinists.

Plastic Injection Molding

Tight tolerance, and fine surface finishes. These components are critical to the manufacture of a good quality molded product without defects.

Energy Production

Large machine components, with tight tolerances and cost sensitivity. From one off to mass production quality is n essential factor to these industries.


High quality, and consistency driven products. Large production quantities, and high importance on lead times, and schedule stability.  

Specialty Components

High quality, Tight tolerance, and low quantity specialty components demand next level attention to detail and customer needs and wants.