Additive Manufacturing

Reliable Long Term Solutions For Your Manufacturing Needs


Metro North offers 10 years experience in the Additive Manufacturing space. We offer a cost competitive solution with short lead times to help our customers in rapid prototyping, small volume production, and complex geometry plastic components.



Metro North's specializes in using the best technologies regardless of brand name, or pricing. We have found that some of the most powerful software packages in the additive manufacturing space originate in Open-Source projects.


Class-Leading SLA slicing software and layer simulation with built in support structure generation.

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super Slicer

Powerful FDM slicing software and GCode simulation software.

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Metro North utilizes highly modified prosumer grade 3D printers to enable the uses of a wide array of materials. Each machine has been modified from its stock state to enhance its capabilities, and offer our customers the highest design flexibility.


Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

3DSystems CubePro Duo

Nozzle Dia: 0.4mm
Layer Thickness: 0.1-0.3mm
Build Volume: 300mm (L) * 300mm (W) * 300mm (H)
Dual colour / part & support

Tevo Black Widow

Nozzle Dia: 0.25mm - 0.8mm
Layer Thickness: 0.05-0.6mm
Build Volume: 395mm (L) * 245mm (W) * 280mm (H)

Tevo Tarantula

Nozzle Dia: 0.25mm - 0.6mm
Layer Thickness: 0.05-0.5mm
Build Volume: 245mm (L) * 245mm (W) * 220mm (H)

Sunhokey Prusa i3

Nozzle Dia: 0.4mm
Layer Thickness: 0.1mm - 0.3mm
Build Volume: 245mm (L) * 245mm (W) * 220mm (H)

Common Materials

Type Finish Property
PLA Black, Colour PLA is the go-to material for most users due to its ease-of-use, dimensional accuracy, and low cost.
PETG Black, Colour PETG filaments are known for their ease of printability, smooth surface finish, and water resistance.
ABS Black, Colour ABS is a low-cost material, great for printing tough and durable parts that can withstand high temperatures.
TPE / TPU Black, Colour Flexible filaments, commonly referred to as TPE or TPU, are known for their elasticity allowing the material to easily stretch and bend.

Stereolithography (SLA)

Anycubic Photon Mono X

XY Resolution: 0.05mm(3840*2400)
Z Axis Accuracy: 0.01mm
Layer Thickness: 0.01-0.15mm
Build Volume: 192mm (L) * 120mm (W) * 245mm (H)

Elegoo Mars 2

Layer Thickness: 0.01-0.2mm
Z Axis Accuracy: 0.00125mm
XY Resolution: 0.05mm(1620*2560)
Build Volume: 129mm(L)*80mm(W)*150mm(H)


Type Finish Property
Hard / Tough Resin Translucent, Black, Colour Highest physical strength, high hardness and high toughness.
PLA like Resin Translucent, Black, Colour High strength and toughness, balanced performance high precision, highest resolution.
ABS like Resin Translucent, Black, Colour High physical strength, medium hardness and high toughness.
TPU like Flexible Resin Tan / Beige (tint available) High physical strength, low hardness and low toughness. Fully flexible when printed, similar to vulcanized rubber.
Water Washable Resin Translucent, Black, Colour Safe and Eco-friendly, high surface precision, as well excellent material for school and family education