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Doug Calvert

Metro North's Operations Manager's broad experience in a wide variety of manufacturing arenas enables Metro North a wide insight into a cross section of Canadian Manufacturing. Over 14 years experience in manufacturing , design, and process automation he adds a unique perspective to Metro North's team to help our customers excel in a global market.

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Metro North's specialty is "design for manufacture". Our in house capability allows design of components from a rough sketch to a final product. In house fixture design and manufacture allows the greatest flexibility for our customers, with short lead times.


Class-defining Computer Aided Design capabilities for all mechanical design applications.

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Revolutionary Open Source free-form design software allows great flexibility for non-parametric components.

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Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)

Metro North offers unique capabilities to our customers in the fields of programming automation. Our on site team is capable of automating design and programming of machinery by utilizing industry leading technology within the CAM and Metrology systems. These systems utilize flow chart based strategies, mixed with custom coded JavaScript and .net modules to enable the implementation of nearly any process requirement.


Industry leading  Computer Aided Manufacturing software allows generation of complex toolpath and simulation.

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Industry standard and robust metrology software supporting a vast array of CMMs, Measuring Arms, Laser and Vision systems.

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Custom Software Development

Metro North offers a unique opportunity for our customers in the field of automation. Our on site team is capable of automating manufacturing processes with multiple tools. Parametric design can be used to drive entire process chains, macro based programs can drive toolpath, and human interface automation can consolidate data for easy user input. These used correctly can alleviate the frustrations with families of parts, and simplify our customers workflows.

Visual Studio

Comprehensive programming IDE with a suite of tools and features to elevate and enhance every stage of software development.

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Fanuc Macro B

Powerful On Machine macro based programming using variables and runtime calculations to drive parametric programs.

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