Utilizing the automation capability of EdgeCAM, Metro North Machine & Design, Inc can drive highly efficient toolpath cycles to reduce tool cost and increase productivity. This coupled with development of "Strategy" based machining processes allows our programmers to use automation to program complex components in minutes. With integrated tool management, cutting technology, and Setup Sheet webserver gives the on-site manufacturing engineering team unprecedented oversight to their processes.

Utilizing Macro-B parametric programming Metro North Machine & Design, Inc can custom tailor a part family programming solution that will allow your set-up machinists to produce perfect parts without the need for a programmer’s assistance. This is the approach that Metro North Machine & Design, Inc uses to great competitive advantage in some of its own manufacturing areas and we can work with your company to develop a solution that fits your requirements.

Utilizing Renishaw and Hexagon probing systems, Metro North Machine & Design, Inc can inspect and adjust CNC toolpaths mid cycle utilizing closed loop control. This eliminates any chances human error to ensure the highest quality and lowest defects possible on a modern CNC machining center. This information can then be output to the inspection and engineering workflows to increase production stability and quality visibility across the company.